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Addressing 300,000 perinatal deaths in India!

The Problem.

30 million pregnancies

Are reported annually in India. A lot of young mothers undergo multiple rapid pregnancies. 60% of these mothers suffer either from malnutrition, anemia, hypertension or gestational diabetes

10 million mothers require extra monitoring during labor

In most healthcare settings in India, the equipment needed for fetal monitoring during labor is not available. Where available, it is variable, bulky and difficult to use. Only highly trained Obstretricians can analyse and act on the output.

300,000 perinatal deaths

Related to fetal distress and related complications, are reported annualy largely due to absence of proper monitoring and timely care.(perinatal death is death of the baby during and right after)

Our Solution is the Sattva Fetal Lite

Clinical Grade Accuracy

The Sattva Fetal Lite uses advanced sensors to acquire physiological data. It is non-invasive and compliant to IEC standards for medical diagnostic equipment.


Designed for Indian Healthcare settings, it weighs less than 1 kg.


The Sattva Fetal Lite is built on cutting edge Stochastical and Pattern Recognition Algorithms. The system gives automated analysis and decision support.

24 Hour Battery

Built for use in low-resource settings, the Sattva Fetal Lite is highly power optimised.

Secure Cloud Storage

Add-on modules for cloud storage and remote monitoring are available. HIPAA & HL7 compliant.

Easy to use

The Sattva Fetal Lite is designed and engineered to be used by low skill health workers. Ease of use and comfort for the patient are at the corner-stone of our design philosophy. The device comes with pictorial and vernacular instructions.

Team & Advisors

Engineers, Designers and Clinicians passionate about solving big problems.

Vibhav Joshi


Sumedh Kaulgud


Merin Santhosh

Digital Signal Processing

Dr.Debanshu Roy

Clinical Consultant

Adithi Sarovar

Product Designer

Siraj Dhanani

Founder and CEO, InnAccel

A Vijayarajan

Founder and CTO, InnAccel

Dr.Jagdish Chaturvedi

Director of Clincial Innovation, InnAccel

Dr.Satish Thatte

Agile Lean Coach

KN Ravi

BITS-75 Charitable Trust

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St Johns Medical College


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